Dance Lessons are held at 3130 W Central, Wichita Ks

Dance West Coast Swing to your favorite music: Blues, Country, Oldies, Rock & Roll, or Swing. 

Beginner Group Lessons start at 7:00 PM every Monday

We are on Christmas break till the first Monday in January.

You do not need a partner to attend. 

More advanced lessons for dancers familiar with the beginner series start at 7:45 and 8:30PM every Monday.  All classes are included in the per evening or yearly membership. 

The cost is $5 per evening without a Danceintime membership. Another option is to buy a yearly membership for $25.  A yearly membership reduces the per evening cost from $5 to $1.   Either way it's a great way to learn to dance.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons are included in the yearly membership.

Attend Now

 To start attending west coast swing dance class, come to our lessons at 3130 W Central, around 7:00 PM Monday evening.  Sign up for class when you arrive. The beginner class starts at 7:00 PM  The beginner class rotates what is presented each week so you don't have to wait for the start of a series of classes to join.

Yearly memberships start from the day you select them so you can select a yearly membership at any time.

Wayne 316 733 0889

Monday class at Botanica in 2012

Saturday dance

Monday evening classes