Dance Lessons are held at 3130 W Central, Wichita Ks

Dance West Coast Swing to your favorite music: Blues, Country, Oldies, Rock & Roll, or Swing. 

Beginner Group Lessons start at 7:00 PM every Monday.

You do not need a partner to attend. 

More advanced lessons for dancers familiar with the beginner series start at 8:00PM every Monday.  All classes are included in the per evening or yearly membership. 

The cost is $5 per evening without a Danceintime membership. Another option is to buy a yearly membership for $20.  A yearly membership reduces the per evening cost from $5 to $2.   Either way it's a great way to learn to dance.  Beginner and advanced lessons are included in the yearly membership.  And as a special benefit of membership, bring your Danceintime name tag to Dancing in Paradise (2841 S Hydraulic) for a $1 admission discount. 

Attend Now

 To start attending west coast swing dance class, come to our lessons at 3130 W Central, just before 7:00 PM Monday evening.  Sign up for class when you arrive. The beginner class starts at 7:00 PM  The beginner class rotates what is presented each week so you don't have to wait for the start of a series of classes to join.

Yearly memberships start from the day you select them so you can select a yearly membership at any time.

Wayne 316 733 0889

Monday class at Botanica in 2012

Saturday dance

Monday evening classes